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Beliefs, offers, and content that took me to $20k months on repeat.


"I posted about an hour and a half ago and I already have a new client. Thanks for the keys to the Marketing Kingdom Eva!"

- Jess

I launched a course and got my first client in 14 minutes!

- Kristen

"Engagement and energy through the roof! 18 people signed up to our program so far…9 of which are completely new to our world!

- Leigh

My IG DMs have been blowing up literally EVERY night"

- Alexis

I just had random sale from a random person in my FB group!

- Alicia

She asked me a question and then she signed up – NEVER EVEN SPOKE WITH HER BEFORE! Work with Eva! I am on the RISE!“

- Kaylah

100 peeps in my challenge organically. 1:1 signed PIF. 4 sign ups to my 3 day intensive that’s not officially launched. What she teaches is pure fucking magick

- Tina

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